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    Strict regularity, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of dress and person are expected from every pupil. Pupils must strictly conform to the regulations laid down in this regard. The pupils are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported objectionable conduct out of the school on the part of pupils make them liable for disciplinary action. The wearing of the school uniform is obligatory. Violation of this rule is sufficient reason for the expulsion of a student from the school. No student will be allowed in the school premises without the prescribed uniform. Care must be taken of all the school property, and no student shall scratch or spoil desks or chair or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident, shall be reported at once to the school authorities. Any wilful damage done will be made good by the student responsible for it. Parents and guardians are, particularly requested to co-operate with the school authorities by sending their children back to the school on the re-opening day unless a written permission for extension of the leave has previously been obtained. Such permission, however, will be granted for very grave reasons only. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student who is irregular in attendance, whose progress in the school or outside is harmful to others students, or whose guardians show little or no interest in the progress of their wards. Grave insubordination, discourtesy or disrespect to teachers, contempt of authority, wilful damage to the property or physical violence will result in dismissal from the school. The school will give two warnings prior to the dismissal. No book other than school texts, newspaper or periodical can be brought to the school without the Principal’s permission. Gifts to the members of the staff in cash or kind is not allowed except with the permission of the Principal. The date of birth of a student once entered shall not be changed. In order to acquire a good command over English language which is the medium of instruction for all subjects, children should speak only in English in the school premises. No monetary collection for any purpose may be made in the school without the prior permission of the Principal. All pupils must possess a copy of the school diary which is to be brought on all working days. Late-comers and absentees from school will not be admitted to class without the Principal’s permission. Every student is expected to be in time for the assembly with the school diary. Students are liable to be sent home for being late to the school. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal/Vice Principal. No leave of absence is granted, excepted on written application from parents. Mere sending of an application is not sufficient; the sanction of leave must be obtained.